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“The future has a way of arriving unannounced.”

The saying is certainly true for our firm.  Back in 1949, a young Texas A&M Aggie and civil engineering major,  Al Rollins, wanted to see the state high school basketball tournament in Austin. Since he didn’t have a car,  he did what all kids did back then – he simply hitchhiked his way to Austin.  On his return to College Station in the early a.m. hours, he was tired and ELATED that someone pulled over to give him a ride. It was at that moment our history began.  The driver was another Aggie making his way back to school after attending the same tournament. That young man was Gene Schrickel.  Gene was captain of the basketball team for A&M and a landscape architecture major.  He was a couple of years ahead of Al. It appears that they had a great trip back to school because they NEVER forgot about their first meeting even though they didn’t see much of each other on campus before they graduated. A few years later however, they had an INTERESTING reunion.

In 1955, Gene had opened up his own landscape architectural firm in Arlington and had become very involved in the community.  In 1956, Al Rollins also made his way back to Arlington after serving overseas as a Lieutenant in the US Army Corps of Engineers in Korea during the conflict. In Arlington, he became the Director of Public Works and City Engineer.   Gene was the first person to visit Al after he started his new job. Their friendship was renewed and quickly their families became close.  Al Rollins went on to be the City Manager of Arlington in 1963.

“ …  Gene and I don’t remember whether I approached him or he approached me, but we agreed to join forces in the summer of 1966.” (Al Rollins)

One year later, these two great men joined forces to become what is now Schrickel, Rollins and Associates, Inc. (SRA).  It was and STILL IS a unique firm.  The efficiency of engineering combined with the creativity of landscape architecture has grown the firm to one of the strongest planning and design firms in the region. The firm has designed hundreds of park and infrastructure projects throughout north central Texas and beyond, many of which are award-winning including a recent public works project of the year.