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Double Tree Community Park Under Construction!

We’re enjoying watching Double Tree Ranch begin taking form.

The Doubletree Ranch property has been an iconic landmark in the Highland Village community for over 60 years. Claiming a prominent “bend in the road” on Highland Village Road, the signature pine trees and rolling vistas have long greeted visitors into the city since even before the development of the I-35 corridor.

Initially settled by the Duvall family in the 1940’s, the legacy of this property is filled with colorful stories and characters that include the founding fathers of the city. The property once even served as the location for the first City Hall, the first volunteer fire department, interim police headquarters, and has hosted numerous other public hearings and events. Mr. Robert Duvall, then owner, served as a founding father of Highland Village, incorporated in 1963, and served as the town’s first Mayor. Most recently, the property was operating as a “dude ranch” (circa 1959) and special events facility until it closed on January 1, 2007.

SRA was hired to design and developed the new Doubletree Ranch Community Park. The park will convey the story of the land, celebrating the natural phenomena and cultural storylines that are endemic to this property. Goals for the park are:

  • Create a “one-of-a-kind” Community Park that is environmentally responsible, sustainable for heavy use and distinctive to Highland Village’s history and image.
  • Provide a variety of activities and experiences that incorporate play, education, art, and community entertainment. We believe this park has the opportunity to be multi-functional. It could be the “place to be” for all sport tournaments in the region. It could be a outdoor classroom – perhaps involving a cooperative effort with the school district and area private schools. It could be a beautiful setting for weddings and special events coordinated with an amphitheater and an outdoor patio. It could be “the venue” for concerts or plays in the park throughout the year. By incorporating opportunities such as this into the design, the new Community Park will be the crown jewel of the park system for the City of Highland Village, Denton County, its residents and visitors.
  • This park will create a place that is accessible and enjoyable to both children and adults by engaging the senses, sparking the imagination, and providing a place of relaxation and enjoyment.
  • Offer trails for walking, hiking, jogging, biking and possible connections to neighborhoods.
    Provide outdoor amenities such as picnic areas, pavilions, multipurpose areas, restrooms, playgrounds, natural/botanical areas, and water features. These could be enjoyed separately or in conjunction with games/tournaments.