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TRA 48″ Sanitary Sewer Main Under Construction September 12, 2013


Setting a prefabricated FRP manhole riser on 48″ sanitary sewer main.
Trench excavation (25-30 feet deep) for installation of 36″ sanitary sewer main.
48″ diameter fiberglass reinforced pipe stockpile.
Parshall flume meter station inspection at manufacturing plant.
Role call for workers inside/outside of access pit for pipe installation by OTOC under creek.
Access pit for hand-dig tunnel under creek crossing for installation of 48″ sanitary sewer by OTOC.

01IMG_2419  Setting MH2 Setting MH1 MS 10.0W inspection Hand dig tunnel OTOC Dewatering trench Catwalk to trench Antifloatation Cap 06 IMG_5717 48 in FRP install 05 IMG_pipe 04 IMG_3279 03 IMG_2434 02 IMG_2428